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Naga Sravani, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

July 20, 2013

Breaking down the complex cloud computing tech into systematic, interesting and simple terms so that everyone can understand. Wish I could have attended the other two day training as well Very good trainer who has the zeal and passion for his profession as well as technology.

Magesh Ganesan, Staff Software Test Engineer, Brocaded Communication Systems

July 20, 2013

Even though I knew the basics about Cloud, Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Level - 1 course provided good ground-up concepts which probably is not available through general learning. Course content was good, and it would be great if Open source Cloud solutions also could be covered within the same course. Trainer definitely impressed me with his in depth knowledge on Public Cloud architectures and AWS.

Kalika Gupta, Intuit

July 20, 2013

It was good session. It was pretty good session given by CloudThat trainer.

Gaurav Dhamija, Senior Developer, Emids Technologies, (7+yrs of experience)

July 20, 2013

Provided a precise and thorough coverage of fundamentals of cloud computing.

Dharmar Gurusamy, Vel Computer Services, Kaavya Enterprises, (40+yrs of experience)

July 20, 2013

Training Room is very well organized. Very good learning environment, the course instructor is very thorough in the subject with his vast experience. His method of teaching step by step in proper sequence. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to get trained and put it in actual use.

Dhananjayan S, Intuit

July 20, 2013


Bhupesh Jadhav, Intuit

July 20, 2013

Trainer was well organized in terms of what he planned to cover. The whole training was very well structured and paced to take the students through the fundamentals. Very good knowledge on the subject.

Archana Akhaury, Network Consulting Engineer, Cisco

July 20, 2013

I am from Cisco working as a Network Consulting Engineer on Network Management System. Was interested to know more about Cloud Computing Technology as it is the latest big thing in technology and wanted to see how I can make a difference in my work in my organization. I had heard very positive feedback about training provided by CloudThat and so I opted for CloudThat.

Anand Desai, Assistant System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, (2+yrs of experience)

July 20, 2013

Laid a solid foundation of Cloud Computing Concepts for me. The course has all that is needed for a beginner in Cloud Computing.
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