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Sanjeev Kumar, Hewlett Packard

August 12, 2013

Overall it was a good experience. Trainer have a good knowledge of the topics and was able to answer all the queries and explained all the topics taking enough time.

Rahul Somwanshi, Hewlett Packard

August 12, 2013

Sound Knowledge Vast Experience of the trainer - made it easy to tackle/understand real time problems. Good communication skills.

Prakash Matdata, Hewlett Packard

August 12, 2013

Great two day experience which opened up to a different world of Big Data and Hadoop, thanks to the trainer who is very knowledgeable.

Mohini Joshi, ANZ

August 12, 2013

The whole team is highly enthused and caring. The trainer was extremely good at the subject and that was the only reason the subject could be done in 2 days. His articulation was commendable. he was very accomodating of students of diverse background.

Shashank Mulay, Mindtree

August 12, 2013

Courses give the excellent head start on cloud computing journey.

Melvin David, NTT Data

August 12, 2013

It was a very enriching experience and I received an in-depth training on all the 3 days. Weekend well spent! Also the trainer is very articulate and precise.Thanks! Very articulate and precise and brings a lot of practical knowledge on the table.

Chaitanya Ranade, e-Zest

August 12, 2013

I will say "Go for It " Simple...No Comparison for the CloudThat Trainer.

Sharad Shah, Wipro

August 12, 2013

Clear and Practical Training which can be effectively used from day 1 on AWS cloud. Very deep knowledgeable trainer on AWS services

Srinivas M, Mindtree

August 12, 2013

It was good knowledge gain and the trainer was good at theory and hands on.

Nagarajan Ramachandran, IBM

August 12, 2013

Good introductory training on Cloud computing; nice refresher even for those who are working in this domain. Bhavesh has good overall knowledge of the Cloud industry and evolution of this business. This helps in covering the breadth of topics easily.
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