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Kishore B.J.V, Systems Engineer, Rrootshell Technologies Private Limited

July 20, 2013

Cool trainer, nice place to learn. Very much excellent at communication part.

Kanishk Nadkarni, Senior Engineer, Schneider Electric, (4+yrs of experience)

July 20, 2013

Brilliant trainer and great experience! Trainer really knows his stuff, It's great to be taught a developer who understands the actual internal workings.

Dheeraj Kabra, Intuit

July 20, 2013

Good expertise and knows what he is talking about. Good Job.

Dharmar Gurusamy, CEO, Kaavya Enterprises, Vel Computer Services, (40+yrs of experience)

July 20, 2013

Classroom is well organized and good learning environment. Authority in AWS products and his training is very systematic.

Debajyoti Pathak, Intuit

July 20, 2013

Good training course and excellent trainer. Very knowledgeable trainer who could keep the trainees engaged for full 3 days

Bhargavi Sargod, Intuit

July 20, 2013

It was a good training by the trainer. Got good knowledge on AWS through this training. Very good communication skill.

Balaji Rengaramanujam, Intuit

July 20, 2013

Overall Nice training experience. Well organized and controlled delivery. Good time management. Overall Nice training experience.

Ashwyn Tirkey, Intuit

July 20, 2013

The course was compact and to the point. We feel we already have to take on the challenge of the cloud at the end of the training. Trainer has done great job.

Amit Jain, Inuit

July 20, 2013

Good crash course covering a large number of features of AWS. The trainer did a really great job and has very good knowledge on the subject.

Akhil Malik, Intuit

July 20, 2013

First training in cloud services that included hands on training.
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