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Bharath U, Database Administrator, IBM

January 29, 2017

CloudThat has a good number of experienced trainers. The trainer was experienced and gave a lot of examples based on his own experience which helped me understand the concepts. VPC was explained in detail that helped me understand it which I think will help me.

Punith K, MT, HCL

January 24, 2017

CloudThat was a great experience which enabled us to explore the services that AWS has for developers and to dive in and start creating applications.

Akhil A, Technical Solutions Engineer, VMware

January 22, 2017

Great Learning Experience! Course is structured as required. Simple yet elegant! The trainer is knowledgeable and has in-depth understanding of technical aspects and the management side of the services. Kudos!

Nagesh R, FMR India

January 21, 2017

The trainer was so energetic and so strong technically that all the concepts were delivered in a way that everyone could understand easily. Thank you.

Srinivasan M, Senior Administrator, Wipro Technologies

January 21, 2017

I am new to AWS. The training which you have provided helped me a lot in understanding what is cloud and how to work on it.  Also it gave me confidence that I can teach my friends as well about AWS cloud.

Kajal P, Project Engineer, Wipro Technologies

January 19, 2017

I am a fresher. The trainer had great knowledge about Cloud technology and he motivated me to complete all certifications. He gave me direction for my career to pursue. This was exactly what I was searching for my career profile. Very good trainer, answered all my silly questions whenever I asked. Cleared all my doubts. Thank you so much!

Saurabh G, Senior Architect

January 16, 2017

Trainer has excellent knowledge in his domain. The trainer provided a deep understanding of the subject and made learning easy. Very satisfying experience.

Rahul N, ITIS Presales, Tata Consultancy Services

January 16, 2017

AWS training was very good. It was a good mix of theory and lab exercises. Labs provided in the manual were very illustrative and self contained. The trainers made us understand AWS from scratch. Their approach and knowledge was very good. They cleared our doubts and made us understand AWS offerings.

Rakesh U, Delivery Manager, TCS

January 15, 2017

Training materials and content delivery was excellent.  Trainer had deep conceptual clarity and excellent hands-on experience which were evident in the training. He was very clear with the concepts and his voice was very clear and audible. He had the same level of energy from morning to last minute.

Omkar D, Technical Architect, Tata Consultancy Services

January 13, 2017

AWS advanced training has met the expectation that we had about AWS and the trainers answered all the doubts and queries that we had about AWS. The trainers had very good knowledge on AWS and knew what they were speaking.
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