Why should you go Serverless?

Some IT professionals say that the emergence of Cloud Computing has made many job profiles void and many also say that, Cloud Computing has compelled organizations to upgrade job profiles and hence urged IT professionals to gain new skills. Both the views have merit and it is high time to acknowledge that Information Technology has always been a field which has seen evolution at a faster pace when compared to any other industry. Being part of such a dynamic industry, it is necessary and quite inevitable to stay relevant.

If you have been in traditional IT Operations profiles managing servers on a day to day basis with activities including OS Administration, Server (Web, App, DB, AD, Mail, etc.) Administration, Network Administration and more importantly, you have not seen the necessity of Automation in these activities, you might need to be ready for the hard Truth. Cloud Computing Service Providers like AWS, Azure, GCP and many other small players take care of this administration for us. Moreover, they would be on a Pay-as-you-Go basis, which turns out to be far more cost effective for organizations when compared to having full-time employees perform these activities.

Skills which every DevOps Professional should Know!

To stay relevant, one must get to know the offerings by the Cloud service providers and look at performing activities above the offerings and show ones’ value to the organization in terms of improved skills. Skills including Infrastructure Automation, Code Deployment Automation also known as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) have been ruling the IT Job market over the last couple of years. Right now, being able to set up and manage containerized deployments using Kubernetes, EC2 Container Service or Azure Container Service, etc. are skills that many organizations prefer. DevOps roles have seen a tremendous increase over the last few years. Getting to know tools around is the need of the hour for server admins.

How going Serverless Helps

Also, the new age applications are being built in a way where they don’t need to be deployed on constantly running infrastructure. With Cloud Service Providers offering Functions-as-a-Service, applications are built using small stateless and short-lived actions. This would remove the overhead of Server Administration completely and organizations would look at developing features rather than worry about Server management. If you can configure and deploy Serverless Architectures using serverless storage, serverless compute, serverless database, and serverless analytics services on Cloud, you would stand out in the crowd.

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William G Pollard said, “Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable”. Be the one who is grabbing the opportunity to grow in your organization by initiating the change and we at CloudThat are committed to provide this learning to you quickly with high quality training and enable you to #MoveUp in your Career.

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AWS Developer Certification BootCamp Level 3 Associate

This is a two-days hands-on programming course on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to dive- deep into designing and developing scalable web applications on AWS infrastructure using services like S3, SQS, SNS, SDB, IAM and Elastic Beanstalk. The hands-on labs for this course starts with developing sample web application, deploying it on AWS, and building on it to use the services being covered in this course (Knowledge of Java programming language is required). This course will also empower you to take the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level Exam – DVA-C00.

AWS DevOps Certification BootCamp Level 4 Professional

This is an advanced course on AWS covering various deployment management and developer services with hands-on lab exercises. This course assumes the candidate is already familiar with AWS and has practical experience to work with different AWS services. Another aim of this course is to help you prepare for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Level Exam – DOP-C00.

AWS Solutions Architect Certification BootCamp Level 4 Professional

This course is an advanced course on Amazon Web Services (AWS) covering various service level features, advanced architecture principles and design patterns with hands-on lab exercises to build better understanding. This course assumes that the candidate is already familiar with AWS and has practical experience to work with different AWS services. Another aim of the course is to help you prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Level Exam – SAP-C00 and clear it.


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