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February 23, 2017

CloudThat at 2017

If you’re planning to attend the 2017, Bengaluru – one of the biggest IoT events in India, don’t forget to reserve some time to meet CloudThat’s IoT Crusaders at this event.

Event Details:
Event: 2017
Date: 2nd – 4th March 2017
Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru
Our Booth No.: I-31A

Our highly experienced IoT Experts will be onsite to give you a gist about the world of transformative opportunities that IoT brings for enterprises and professionals.

Here are more reasons why you should visit us!


Extensive IoT Training:

With extensive R&D and hands-on experience in the field of IoT and Cloud Robotics, CloudThat proudly delivers IoT Training (from basics to advanced) to help professionals get an upper-hand in the fast moving IoT field. Here is the outline of what our exhaustive training courses offer:

  • Fundamentals of IoT – Level 1 (linked to course page)
  • Working with Electronics in IoT – Level 2 (linked to course page)
  • Cloud Robotics and Advanced IoT Architecture – Level 3 (linked to course page)
  • Designing and Implementing IoT Solutions – Level 4 (linked to course page)


IoT Prototyping Solutions:

No sector in the world is untouched by IoT today and as the trend grows the need of organizations having the expertise in planning, researching and developing initial prototypes would be in high demand. We take pride in providing the IoT prototyping service to convert technical ideas into live functioning implementation.



Meet our ambitious in-house project, MITCSY (Marvelous and Intelligent Cloud System) – a robot being developed with multiple capabilities like tele-presence, personal assistance, custom environmental and operational intelligence. You can’t miss MITCSY if you’re attending the event.


Session with Arzan Amaria:

Arzan is a highly qualified and vastly experienced IoT Specialist at CloudThat. He is also an expert at deploying, supporting and managing client infrastructures on Azure. Having core training and consulting experience, he specializes in delivering individual training and corporate training on Azure and IoT. He is also engaged in extensive research and development in the field of IoT and Data Science.


So we have a lot in store to help you move up in IoT.  Catch up with us at the event to know more. If you’re not attending the event and still want to learn more about our IoT Training and Prototyping Solutions, Contact Us Today!


Move Up with CloudThat. We look forward to meeting with you!


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