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Terraform Essentials

Duration: 2 Days


Learn about the infrastructure provisioning using opensource Terraform. This course aims to educate participates on the concept of provisioning infrastructure in an easy, efficient way using Terraform. It is aimed at helping participants quickly learn about the various aspect of Infrastructure as Code and how to create and manage a given Infrastructure design using Terraform.

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After completing this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Overview of DevOps and Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Overview of Terraform and comparison with other tools
  • Setup and configuration of Terraform in Linux
  • Understanding Terraform files, variables, providers and provisioners
  • State management using Terraform
  • Provisioning AWS Virtual Private Cloud using Terraform
  • Configuring Auto Scaling, Load Balancing using Terraform
  • Configuring RDS service with Terraform
  • Configuring IAM service with Terraform
  • Getting familiar with Terraform Modules

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers


  • Knowledge of basic unix / linux commands will be good to have
  • Valid AWS account and individual credentials to create EC2 instances and s3
  • Should have knowledge to create AWS EC2 instances and should know how to access EC2 instances via SSH

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Introduction to DevOps and Terraform
    • What is DevOps?
    • Infrastructure Provisioning and Configuration Management
    • Infrastructure as Code using Terraform
    • Terraform vs other tools
    • HashiCorp Configuration Language
  • Setup and Configuration
    • Installation of Terraform in Linux

    Hands-on Lab: Installation of Terraform in Ubuntu EC2 Machine
    Hands-on Lab: Configure AWS CLI and provision an EC2 using Terraform

  • Getting started with Terraform
    • Terraform commands and usage
    • Providers in Terraform
    • Understanding Terraform variables
    • Using provisioners in Terraform

    Hands-on Lab: Using Variables in EC2 Instance creation Hands-on Lab: Outputting variables during Terraform apply

  • State Management in Terraform
    • Understanding Terraform State
    • Configuring a Remote State

    Hands-on Lab: Configuring RemoteState using AWS S3

  • Provisioning AWS Virtual Private Cloud using Terraform
    • Understanding resources needed in VPC creation

    Hands-on Lab: Creating VPC, Subnets, Gateways, Route tables and launching EC2 Instances

Day 2:

  • Configuring Auto Scaling for EC2 Instances
    • Overview of EC2 AutoScaling

    Hands-on Lab: Creating Auto Scaling groups and policies using Terraform

  • Provisioning Load Balancers in AWS
    • Overview of Load Balancers

    Hands-on Lab: Creating Elastic Load Balancers in AWS using Terraform

  • Configuring Relational Data Base Services in AWS
    • Overview of Relational Database Service in AWS

    Hands-on Lab: Provisioning RDS using Terraform

  • Identity and Access Management configuration using Terraform
    • Overview of AWS IAM
    • Users, Groups, Roles and Policies

    Hands-on Lab: Creating IAM users, roles and policies using Terraform

  • Overview of Terraform Modules
    • Reusability of IaC
    • Overview Terraform modules

    Hands-on Lab: Creating a two-tier architecture in AWS using modules

About the Trainer

A trainer will be certified Terraform trainer

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