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Docker Essentials – Level 2

Duration: 2 Days


This two day course provides a clear perception and hands-on knowledge about the top topic on Google Trends, Docker. The course discusses core concepts about containers, containerization of applications, hands-on knowledge about moving applications to Docker containers, and architecting highly available and scalable applications deployed on Dockers. We also talk about networking in Docker and finally setting up various user-facing applications hosted within containers.

Why learn about Docker?

  • If you are an IT professional who wants to stay up to date with the current buzzword then Docker is the course that excites you on the latest technology.
  • All the major cloud providers, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Joyent use Docker containers to deploy & manage their applications.
  • If you are just a technology enthusiast who wants to know just a little bit more about Docker and its operations then this is the right course for you.
  • Debuting in 2013, Docker has transformed to a
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  • To attain a deep knowledge of Docker and the use of containers for deploying & managing applications on Docker
  • To attain a thorough knowledge about the networking in Docker
  • After completing this course, you will understand best practices to use Docker
  • Learn to use Docker repository to manage your own images
  • Understand how Docker can simplify your continuous deployment approach

Who Should Attend

  • IT Professionals who want to learn to work on highly reliable, scalable, available, cost-efficient virtual machines using Docker
  • Startups that want to build their IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods by using containers
  • Developers interested in deploying scalable applications using Dockers
  • System administrators wanting to improve the efficiency of their servers
  • Professionals who want to make their resumes more attractive to the prospective employees by having hands-on Docker experience


  • Should have basic understanding of Cloud and Virtualization concepts
  • Should have hands-on knowledge of AWS, as AWS is used in the labs
  • Should have good knowledge and should have hands-on experience with Linux
  • Should have some IT industry work experience or those pursuing a degree in the IT field

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Micro Service Architecture
    • What is MSA
    • Characteristics of a MSA
  • Introduction to Containers
    • What are Containers and when to use them
    • VMs v/s Containers
  • Docker
    • Installing Docker development environment
    • Docker Architecture : Docker Machine, Docker Client, Docker Hub, Docker Compose
    • Running the first container and understanding Docker Image
    • Common Docker commands
    • Port Mappings
    • Understanding volumes
  • DockerFile
    • Understanding containers linking
    • Writing Dockerfile to build and run containers
    • Linking containers in a DockerFile
  • Docker Networking
    • Default networks created by Docker
    • Container to container communication via Bridge network
    • Creating custom bridge networks and launching containers on specific bridges

Day 2:

  • Docker Compose
    • Writing a distributed application that runs of two containers, the app container depending upon the DB container
    • Writing a distributed application using linking and then with bridge networking
    • Docker compose commands
  • Docker Machine
    • Overview of Docker Machine
    • Creating a new docker node on AWS, using the docker-machine cli
    • Running containers on the remote docker node
  • Docker Swarm
    • Overview of Docker Swarm and container orchestration
    • Setting up a docker swarm cluster (1 master, 2 slaves) on AWS and orchestrating container deployment and other life cycle commands
    • Docker Swarm v/s Kubernetes

About The Trainer

A Trainer will be Docker Professional.

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