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DevOps Essentials

DevOps Essentials

Duration: 2 Days


This is a ‘breadth’ course that aims to educate participates on one of the current trends in the IT industry i.e. DevOps. The course starts by de-mystifying what DevOps means, what its core principles, practices are and more importantly what DevOps is not.

Being a breath-focused course, it provides an overview of various engineering practices that make Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) possible, via demonstrations. The course also provides lab exercises on some of the important tools that can be used to implement CI-CD.

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  • DevOps – Demystified
  • Understand the core principles, practices of DevOps
  • Understand what DevOps is not
  • Understand the concept of Build and Release
  • Overview of how to use Maven as a build tool
  • Overview of how to measure code quality using Sonar
  • Understand the concept of a Repository Management systems and its usage
  • Overview on how to use JFrog Artifactory as a Repository Manager
  • Understand how to do Continuous Integration using Jenkins
  • Overview of Cloud Computing and various types of cloud computing
  • Overview of Configuration Management and CM tools
  • Overview of Ansible as a configuration management tool
  • Overview of Micro Service Architecture
  • Overview of Containerization
  • Understand how to use Docker for Containerization
  • Overview of Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Who Should Attend

  • Developers who wish to containerize software applications
  • Administrators who plan to do infrastructure provisioning using Ansible
  • Administrators and developers who want to build end-to-end CI/CD pipeline


  • DevOps concepts and the various engineering processes are agnostic of technology. Even though a Java-based codebase is used, all the concepts and techniques are applicable to any other technology-based projects / product.
  • Should have a good level of knowledge in web / enterprise application design
  • Should have contributed at least as a Senior Software Engineer in a mid-sized application development project
  • Knowledge of Configuration Management is good to have

Course Outline

Day 1

  • DevOps Overview
    • What DevOps is not / What DevOps is
    • Core Principles and Practices that make DevOps possible
  • Source Control using Git and GitHub
    • Introduction to GIT
    • Installing and configuring GIT
    • GIT Repository
    • Introduction to GitHub and Remote Repo
    • Branching and Merging in GIT
  • Build and Release
    • Understand what Build Process and Release Processes are
    • Overview of Maven as a build tool
    • Exercise on executing Maven lifecycle commands
  • Continuous Integration
    • Understand what CI means
    • Understand what CI recommends
    • How to use Jenkins as a CI tool
    • Exercise on using Jenkins

Day 2

  •  Cloud Computing
    • Overview of Cloud Computing and its characteristics
    • Types of Cloud – IaaS, Paas, SaaS and examples
    • Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
  • Configuration Management
    • Overview of Configuration Management
    • Overview of Ansible as a CM tool
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Infrastructure Provisioning using HashiCorp Terraform
  • Micro Service Architecture
    • Overview of Micro service architecture v/s Monolith architecture
    • Understand how containerization aids in designing and building a Micro Service Architecture
  • Containerization
    • Overview of Containerization
    • Overview of Docker as containerization provider
    • Overview of Kubernetes as container orchestrator
  • Continuous Deliver (CD)
    • Understand what CD means
    • Understand CD pipeline
    • Understand how Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes fit into the CD pipeline, for a Cloud solution
    • Understand the difference between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

About The Trainer

A Trainer will be DevOps Professional.

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