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Certification BootCamp for Google Cloud Engineer Associate

Duration: 4 Days


This course from CloudThat aims to empower you with hands-on experience to be able to develop and deploy highly scalable applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This is a certificate course, and a certificate will be provided after successful completion of the course.

With a thorough understanding of Cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, a Cloud architect can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

An Associate Cloud Engineer’s responsibility includes deployment of applications, monitoring operations, and managing enterprise solutions. As a skilled professional in the domain, Google certified Cloud Engineer Associate could use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface for performing common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage self-managed or Google-managed services on Google Cloud.

Course Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals of

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  • To attain a deep knowledge of GCP infrastructure and design patterns on developing applications on GCP.
  • To attain skills to clear the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam.

Who Should Attend

  • IT Professionals who want to get formal hands-on training at using and developing Cloud based services
  • Software developers who want to start developing Cloud Applications
  • Startup companies who wishes to build their IT infrastructure in the Cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
  • System Admins who want to learn how to invoke resources in the Cloud and manage them
  • DBAs who want to be able to startup and manage databases in the Cloud with read replicas
  • Students who want to make their resumes more attractive to the prospective employees by having hands-on Cloud Computing experience


The prerequisites of Google Certified Cloud Engineer Associate certification exam include:

  • Knowledge of basic unix / linux commands will be good to have.
  • Valid GCP account

Course Outline

Day 1: 

Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 

  • Overview 
  • Regions and Zones 
  • Review of major GCP services 

Google Cloud Storage 

  • Fundamental APIs 
  • Consistency 
  • Cloud Storage Namespace 
  • Buckets and Objects 
    • Bucket and Object Naming Guidelines 
    • Encryption 
    • Object Versioning 
    • Object Lifecycle Management 
  • Access Control 
    • Access Control Lists 
    • Signed URL 
  • Multipart upload 
  • Resumable upload 
  • Understanding Pricing for Cloud Storage 
  • Offline Media Import/Export 

Hands-on: Cloud Storage Lab; Creating Buckets, objects, and managing access control   

Google Compute Engine 

  • Compute Engine Architecture 
  • VM Instances types 
  • Persistence Disks 
  • Images 
  • Generating Custom Images 
  • IP Addresses 
    • Static IPs 
    • Ephemeral 
  • Access Control Options IAM 
    • Service Account 
    • IAM
  • Monitoring Instances with Google Cloud Monitoring 
  • Compute Engine Networks and Firewalls 

Hands-on: Hosting an Application on Compute Engine 

Day 2: 

Google Cloud SQL 

  • Core advantages of Cloud SQL 
  • Cloud SQL database instance types 
  • Access Control
  • High availability options
    • Failover 
    • Read replica 
  • Backup options 
    • On Demand
    • Automated
  • Understanding Pricing of Cloud SQL 

Load Balancing (LB) 

  • Fundamentals of a Load Balancer 
  • Network Load balancing 
  • HTTPS Load balancing 
    • Cross region Load balancing 
    • Content Load balancing 
    • Target proxies 
  • SSL Load Balancing 
  • Internal Load Balancing 
  • Network Load Balancing 
  • Understanding Pricing for Load Balancer 

Google Cloud Monitoring

  • Architecture of Cloud Monitoring 
  • Supported metrics 
  • Stackdriver Monitoring APIs 


  • Overview of Autoscaling 
  • Auto-scaling Fundamentals 
    • Instance groups 
    • Templates 
    • Policies 
    • Decisions

Hands-on: Deploying a scale application on GCP using Autoscaling, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Load Balancers. 

Day 3: 

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network 

  • Salient features of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network Infrastructure 
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Networking Fundamentals 
  • Subnetworks 
  • Firewall 
  • Internal DNS 
  • Network Routes 

Hands-on: Hosting Secure Applications in Google Cloud VPC Networks 

Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) 

  • Introduction 
  • User and Service Accounts 
  • IAM Roles 
  • Policy 

Hands-on: Managing Users, Policies and Granting Roles using Service Accounts.

Cloud CDN and DNS 

  • What is CDN 
  • Google Cloud CDN 
  • Cloud CDN Concepts 
  • Some of the Cloud CDN Edge locations 
  • Cloud DNS 
  • Cloud DNS Terminologies 
  • Supported Record Types 

Hands-on: Moving an Existing Domain Name to Cloud DNS.

Cloud VPN 

  • Cloud VPN overview 
  • Types of Cloud VPN 
  • Specifications 
  • Maintenance and Availability 

Google Cloud Deployment Manager 

  • Deployment Manager 
  • Deployment Manager Fundamentals 
  • Runtime Configurator 
  • Quotas 

Hands-on: Generating and Creating Cloud Deployment Manager Template.

Day 4: 

Google Container Engine 

  • Google Container Engine Overview 
  • Docker Overview 
  • Kubernetes Terminologies 
  • Replication Controller 
  • Deployment 
  • Price and Quotas 

Hands-on: Deploying WordPress Cluster using Container Engine.

Cloud Run 

  • Overview of Cloud Run 
  • Deploy a Prebuilt Sample container 

Cloud Bigtable 

  • Overview of Cloud Bigtable 
  • Access Control 
  • Performance 
  • Locations 

Cloud Datastore 

  • Overview of Cloud Datastore 
  • Limits 
  • Storage Size 
  • Multitenancy 
  • Benefits of Multitenancy 
  • Encryption 
  • Locations 

Cloud BigQuery 

  • BigQuery Overview 
  • Interacting with BigQuery 
  • Datasets, Tables, and Views 
  • Partitioned Tables 
  • Query Plan Explanation 

Hands-on: Getting Started with BigQuery. 

Cloud DataFlow 

  • Overview 
  • Programming Model 
  • DataFlow SDK 1.x for java 
  • Cloud Dataflow SDK 2.x 
  • Security and Permissions 
  • Advanced Access Control 

Cloud DataProc 

  • Overview 
  • Clusters 
  • Versioning

Cloud Pub/Sub 

  • Overview of Cloud Pub/Sub 
  • Pub/Sub Concepts and Message Flow 
  • Data Model 
  • Cleanup of All Services 

Hands-on: Cloud Pub/Sub Lab with Background Cloud Function.

Capstone Project 

 Certification Preparation 

  • Exam pattern discussion 
  • Topics weightage 
  • Q&A 

Google Cloud Engineer Associate Exam Ready Platform (Test Prep) discussion.


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A Google Cloud Certified Trainer with immense training experience and certified skills in the technology.

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