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AWS Security Speciality Certification BootCamp

Amazon Web Services

Duration: 2 Days


This is a two-day specialty course that deep dives into Advanced Security services of AWS and enhances knowledge of AWS security-related services. This training is focused on “AWS Security – Specialty” Certification, with hands-on labs for simulation of security-related use cases. AWS Security certification validates an examinee’s ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge about securing the AWS platform. Highlights of this course:
  • An understanding of data classifications and data protection mechanisms
  • An understanding of data-encryption methods and mechanisms to implement them on AWS platform
  • Working knowledge of AWS security services and features of services to provide a secure production environment
  • The ability to make trade-off decisions with regard to cost, efficiency, security and deployment complexity given a set of application requirements.
  • An understanding of security operations and risk management
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  • To gain deep understanding of AWS security technologies
  • Implement data-encryption methods and mechanisms on AWS platform
  • Choose appropriate security services for workloads
  • Deep understanding of various protocols, logging standards and IAM management.
  • Design edge security and implement a secure network infrastructure
  • Design and implement a scalable authorization and authentication system to access AWS resources
  • Design and implement security monitoring and alerting
  • Be able to understand Data security, cost and performance objectives
  • Be able to understand various real-time use cases, best practice and n/w design patterns

Who Should Attend

  • Solutions Architects
  • Security Analysts
  • SysOps Administrators
  • DevOps Engineers


  • Should have attended AWS – Level 2 and AWS – Level 3 course (Mandatory) from CloudThat Technologies
  • Should have a basic understanding of security and internet protocols

Course Outline

Day – 1

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Incident Response
    • Given an AWS Abuse Notice, Evaluate the Suspected Compromised Instance or Exposed Access Keys
    • Verify That the Incident Response Plan Includes Relevant AWS Services
    • Evaluate the Configuration of Automated Alerting and Execute Possible Remediation of Security-Related Incidents and Emerging Issues
  • Logging and Monitoring
    • Design and Implement Security Monitoring and Alerting
    • Troubleshoot Security Monitoring and Alerting
    • Hands-on Lab
  • Infrastructure Security
    • Design Edge Security on AWS
    • Design and Implement a Secure Network Infrastructure
    • Troubleshoot a Secure Network Infrastructure
    • Design and Implement Host-based Security
    • Hands-on Lab

Day – 2

  • Identity and Access Management
    • IAM Policies
    • Permission Boundaries and Policy Evaluation
    • Resource Policies – S3 Bucket Policy
    • KMS Key Policies
    • Identity Federation
    • Cross Account Access
    • Role and STS Integration
    • Single Sign-on Integration
    • Troubleshoot an Authorization and Authentication System to Access AWS Resource
    • Hands-on on Lab
  • Data Protection
    • Key Management System (KMS)
    • KMS in a Multi-Account Configuration
    • CloudHSM Security and Monitoring
    • Troubleshoot KMS Permission and Access
    • Data At Rest – using KMS
    • S3 Client-side Encryption
    • Data in Transit – ACM
    • Data Compliance and Regulation
    • Hands-on Lab

About The Trainer

The trainer will be a certified AWS Professional

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