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AWS Certification BootCamp for Advanced Networking – Specialty: ANS-C00

Amazon Web Services

Duration: 2 Days


This is a two-day specialty course from CloudThat that deep dives into Advanced Networking of AWS and enhances knowledge of AWS Infrastructure. This training is focused towards Advanced Networking – Specialty Certification, with hands-on labs for simulation of Hybrid Cloud Environment.

AWS Advanced Networking will be a great utility to companies who are trying to move to the Cloud. Taking up this course will prepare candidates for the AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-C00) certification exam.

Why You Need to Become AWS Certified?

  • With 31% market share in Cloud computing, AWS is undoubtedly a leader among Cloud service providers. Therefore, holding an AWS certification can prepare you for the upcoming opportunities in IT job market.
  • AWS certification is one of the highest-paying job categories. The average salary of AWS certified IT professionals is 30% higher than the average annual salary that a non-certified professional receives.
  • Validate your technical skills
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  • To attain deep knowledge of AWS infrastructure, design and deploy Hybrid Cloud along with AWS
  • To attain skills to clear the AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty Certification Exam (ANS-C00)

Who Should Attend

  • Networking professionals who want to learn how to design highly scalable, available, cost-efficient and failure tolerant systems on AWS
  • Networking professionals who want to extend their skill sets on AWS
  • Networking professionals who want to learn architectural best practices to deploy applications on AWS as well as Hybrid Cloud Environment
  • IT professionals and AWS Certified Architects (Associate or Professional) who want to attain the AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty Certification (ANS-C00)


This is NOT a beginners AWS class. Prior experience with AWS is necessary.

  • Should have attended AWS Level-2 course offered by CloudThat Technologies OR
  • Should have hands-on experience in S3, EC2, ELB, RDS, Auto-Scaling
  • Participants should have any AWS Certification at Associate Level

Course Outline

  • Basic Networking
    • The ISO Model
    • Subnetting
    • Supernetting
    • Introduction IPV6

    Hands-on Lab: Exercise Supernetting

  • VPC
    • VPC
    • Public & Private Subnet
    • IGW
    • ingress vs. egress ipv6
    • NAT gateway & NAT instance
    • Route Table
    • VPC Limits
    • DHCP Option Set

    Hands-on Lab: Public & Pvt Subnets

  • VPC Routing & Peering
    • Routing Dynamic & Static
    • VPC Endpints
    • VPC Peering

    Hands-on Lab: Peering

  • VPN
    • VPG
    • CG

    Hands-on Lab: VPN

  • Direct Connect
    • LOA
    • Link Aggregation Groups
    • VIF
    • BFD
    • MED
  • Enhanced Networking
    • Placement Groups
    • ENI
    • Jumbo Frames
  • Network Security
    • NACL
    • SG
    • VPC Flow Logs
    • WAF
    • DDoS
  • Elastic Load Balancer
    • Classic Load Balancer
    • Application Load Balancer
    • Network Load Balancer

    Hands-on Lab: Application Load Balancer

  • Route 53
    • Deep Dive on DNS Architecture
    • Using Route53 for your Domain Name
    • Creating Name Server Entries
    • Setting up Health Checks
    • Configuring for Multi-Location application
      • Master – Slave Configuration
      • Master – Master Configuration
      • Weighted Round Robin
      • Geo-location Aware Routing

    Hands-on Lab: Moving an existing domain name to Route53 and configuring multi-location Routing

  • CloudFront
    • CDN Fundamentals
    • Using CloudFront for Public Data
    • Using CloudFront for Access Controlled Data

    Hands-on Lab: Setup CloudFront CDN for an Application

  • AWS WorkSpaces
    • AWS WorkSpace
    • Hosted AD
    • Simple AD
    • AD connector

About The Trainer

The trainer will be a certified AWS Professional

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