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Microsoft Azure Certification BootCamp for Exam DP-100 (Design & Implement Data Science Solution on Azure)


Duration: 3 Days


This is newly launched course by Microsoft. During the training candidates will use machine learning techniques to train, evaluate and deploy models to build AI solutions that satisfy business objectives. Candidates will also use an applications that involve natural language processing, speech, computer vision and predictive analytics. After this training, candidates can apply scientific rigor and data exploration techniques to gain actionable insights and communicate results to stakeholders. Why you need to attend this course?
  • Join if you work in a multi-disciplinary team responsible to train, evaluate and deploy models that solve business problems
  • Machine Learning is the hottest career path of 21st century
  • If you want to learn Azure machine learning solutions
  • Thinking of a career change
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  • To understand and build AI solutions on Azure
  • To learn about various Azure Machine Learning services usage & integration
  • To understand the profound impacts Machine Learning is making in smart business decisions

Who Should Attend

Candidates serving as part of a multi-disciplinary team that incorporates ethical, privacy, and governance considerations into the solution.


  • Candidates typically have background in mathematics, statistics and computer science
  • Basic knowledge of Cloud platform: Azure
  • Basic understanding of Machine Learning
  • IT industry work experience or those pursuing a degree in the IT field
  • Strong learning acumen

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Define and Prepare the Development Environment
    • Select Development Environment
    • Set up Development Environment
    • Quantify the Business Problem

Day 2

  • Prepare Data for Modeling
    • Transform Data Into Usable Datasets
    • Perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
    • Cleanse and Transform Data

Day 3

  • Perform Feature Engineering
    • Perform Feature Extraction
    • Perform Feature Selection

Day 4

  • Develop Models
    • Select an Algorithmic Approach
    • Split Datasets
    • Identify Data Imbalances
    • Train the Model
    • Evaluate Model Performance

About the Trainer

A Certified Microsoft Azure Trainer

Other Details


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Upcoming Batches

Bangalore Enroll
  • 1 Feb, 2020 - 3 Feb, 2020 (Sat - Mon)
  • 22 Feb, 2020 - 24 Feb, 2020 (Sat - Mon)
  • India Online Enroll
  • 22 Jan, 2020 - 24 Jan, 2020 (Wed - Fri)
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