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Kubernetes Essentials – Level 2


Duration: 2 Days


If you have heard of Kubernetes, but have no idea what it is or how it works? Then, this is the course for you. It will take you from zero to knowing how to deploy a containerized application and manage resources through the API. With hands-on labs you will learn Kubernetes core concepts covering installation using various tools, configuration and the API resources to use for your containerized applications. You will also learn to use Kubernetes primitives to build a distributed application that can scale and make efficient use of containers. With this course you will also learn the following:
  • How to code YAML files and design application pods
  • To use DNS server for service discovery and implementation of different types of services
  • To create Replication Controller to manage application replication and how to perform rolling update and rollback
  • To create and work with several other resources like ReplicaSet and Deployments
Node maintenance will also be covered in this...Read more


  • This course will get you started if you wish to use containers and develop microservices-type applications
  • To build core knowledge and skills for managing applications and system pods
  • To get hands-on experience with Kubernetes cluster setup and maintenance

Who Should Attend

  • IT Professionals who want to gain complete understanding of Kubernetes
  • IT Professionals who want to understand how to prepare containerized application for Kubernetes
  • IT Professionals who want to understand the Kubernetes core API objects to configure their application
  • System Administrators who want to understand how to manage containerized applications in a cluster


  • Should have some IT industry work experience or those pursuing a degree in the IT field
  • Should have basic working knowledge of Docker

Course Outline

Day 1

    1. Fundamentals of Kubernetes
      • Introduction to Kubernetes
      • Why Containers?
      • Introduction to Kops
      • Single node cluster setup using Minikube
    2. Kubernetes Architecture
      • Kubernetes Master Node Architecture
      • Kubernetes Worker Node Architecture
      • Master-Node Communication
      • Kubernetes Tools
      • Kubernetes Quick Start using Kops

      Hands-on: Bootstrap a Kubernetes Cluster Using kubeadm

    3. Kubernetes Basics
      • Kubernetes Objects
      • Pods
      • Pods Lifecycle
      • Labels
      • Selectors
      • Services
      • Storage
      • Stateless and Stateful Applications

      Hands-on: Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster using Kops on AWS
      Hands-on: Deploy Application on Kubernetes

Day 2

    1. Advanced Kubernetes
        • Replication Controller
        • ReplicaSet
        • Deployments
        • Deploy Application using Helm Charts

      Hands-on: Deploy Application having Replication Controller Object and Scale the Apps
      Hands-on: Deploy Application having Deployment and ReplicaSet, Understand Rolling Udate and Rollback

    2. Kubernetes Administration
      • Namespace and Node Labeling
      • Pod Scheduling
      • Limiting Resources and Quota
      • Node Maintenance

      Hands-on: Node Labeling, Limiting Quota and Pod Scheduling Scenarios
      Hands-on: Node Maintenance Scenarios

About The Trainer

Mamta Jha

Mamta Jha
Cloud Solutions Architect

Mamta has more than a decade of experience in Telecom domain and has been working in the Cloud domain for last 4 years. She has worked on first ever Cloud RNC (WCE – Wireless Cloud Element) which used VMware as a Hypervisor and VM Manager provider with their ESXi and vSphere products. She was a part of the pilot project of Alcatel-Lucent in moving the complete wireless domain to the Cloud.

She has around 4 years of experience in deploying and managing OpenStack infrastructure primarily on Red Hat Platform, Centos and Ubuntu. She has worked with organizations on setting up their complete private Cloud on OpenStack using PackStack / TripleO OpenStack deployment methods.

Mamta is currently working on architecting Cloud strategy for enterprises which include latest DevOps technologies like Chef, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. She is tech-savvy and has attained several certifications.

She is a Red Hat Certified Instructor who delivers training to corporates and individuals on several Red Hat Cloud and DevOps courses.

She holds following Certifications:

  • Red Hat Certified System Admin in RHEL7
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer in RHEL7
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in OpenStack
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer OpenStack and Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in PaaS (OpenShift)
Red Hat Certified Engineer Red Hat Certified System Administrator Red Hat Certificate of Expertise

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