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Fundamentals of DevOps – Level 1


Duration: 1 Day


Fundamentals of DevOps - Level 1 is for anyone with an IT background who is interested in understanding what is DevOps. It will equip you with the basic knowledge of DevOps Technologies in use now. DevOps has grown from being just a buzzword to a serious business decision, that many businesses are contemplating. Therefore, knowledge about this, is necessary to make a clear and a strategic plan to move applications. This is a certificate course. After completing the 1 day course CloudThat will certify you as having completed a course in the Fundamentals of DevOps - Level 1 Why you should learn DevOps Technology?
  • DevOps is a much-discussed topic for businesses now. Knowledge about DevOps, is necessary if you are a decision maker who is deciding the directions that your company's IT team should take
  • Individuals and organizations seeking a fundamental understanding of DevOps
  • Students who want to understand and implement DevOps at the organizational level
  • If you are
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  • To achieve fundamental understanding of what is DevOps
  • To understand how DevOps can help improve operational efficiency of any organization
  • To understand DevOps Tools and Automation Models
  • To identify and improve the system of production
  • To gain knowledge of DevOps tools and security

Who Should Attend

  • IT Professionals working in the software industry who want to formally get the fundamental understanding of DevOps
  • IT professionals who want to get started with a DevOps tool
  • IT Architects who want to learn about configuration automation
  • System Administrators who are managing large scale server fleet & want to bring in automation to their fleet


  • Should have some IT industry work experience or those pursuing a degree in the IT field.

Course Outline

  • What is DevOps
  • DevOps and Continuous Delivery Enablement
  • Agile Methodology
  • Unifying Processes and Improve Collaboration between Development and Operations
  • DevOps Common Toolsets
  • Automation Tools
  • Challenges faced by DevOps
  • DevOps Best Practices

About The Trainer

A Trainer will be DevOps Professional.

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  • Fundamentals of DevOps – Level 1

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