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DevOps: Building CI/CD Pipeline with Ansible, GIT, Jenkins and Docker on AWS


Duration: 2 Days


This is an advanced course which will help you gain expertise in various DevOps tools like Ansible, GIT and Jenkins. You will learn to set-up AWS infrastructure using automation tool like Ansible. This course also includes complete hands-on in implementing Continuous Integration and automated builds using GIT and Jenkins. You will also learn automated deployment of code on AWS EC2 instances and Docker container. Why hands-on experience of building end-to-end Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI /CD) with DevOps tools is beneficial?
  • To get real time exposure to production level scenarios
  • To gain knowledge in spinning up complete infrastructure in minutes with the help of Ansible playbook
  • To get real time work experience in designing the complete end-to-end work flow of Continuous Integration (CI) with Git and Jenkins and Continuous Deployment (CD) with Jenkins and Docker
This course is a hands-on program on DevOps CI/CD pipeline which will help you learn the...Read more


  • To build core knowledge and skills in using several DevOps tools
  • To get hands-on experience with tools like Jenkins, Ansible and GIT for building complete end-to-end CI/CD pipeline

Who Should Attend

  • Developers who wish to containerize software applications
  • Administrators who plan to do infrastructure provisioning using Ansible
  • Administrators and developers who want to build end-to-end CI/CD pipeline


Should have basic knowledge or equivalent working experience with the following:

  • Linux commands
  • Containers
  • Ansible and AWS

Course Outline

    1. Introduction to GIT
      • Installing and Configuring GIT
      • GIT Repository
      • GIT Workflow
      • GitHub and Remotes
      • Branching Merging and Rebasing in GIT

      Hands-on: Lab for Git

    2. What is Jenkins?
      • Jenkins Features
      • Jenkins Use Cases
      • Jenkins Architecture

      Hands-on: Lab for Jenkins

    3. GIT Plugin Features
    4. Jenkins Plugin Features
    5. Advantage of Running Application in Containers
    6. Hands-on: Install Ansible on EC2 and Configure to Launch EC2 Resources from Ansible Playbook
    7. Hands-on: Creation and Configuring of Resources (GIT, Jenkins and Docker Host) with Ansible
    8. Hands-on: Configuring Tomcat for Deploying Application on AWS EC2
    9. Hands-on: Implementing GIT WebHook to Build Code Automatically after GIT Code Commit
    10. Hands-on: Build and Automate Deployment of Code in Docker Container

About The Trainer

Mamta Jha

Mamta Jha
Cloud Solutions Architect

Mamta has more than a decade of experience in Telecom domain and has been working in the Cloud domain for last 4 years. She has worked on first ever Cloud RNC (WCE – Wireless Cloud Element) which used VMware as a Hypervisor and VM Manager provider with their ESXi and vSphere products. She was a part of the pilot project of Alcatel-Lucent in moving the complete wireless domain to the Cloud.

She has around 4 years of experience in deploying and managing OpenStack infrastructure primarily on Red Hat Platform, Centos and Ubuntu. She has worked with organizations on setting up their complete private Cloud on OpenStack using PackStack / TripleO OpenStack deployment methods.

Mamta is currently working on architecting Cloud strategy for enterprises which include latest DevOps technologies like Chef, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. She is tech-savvy and has attained several certifications.

She is a Red Hat Certified Instructor who delivers training to corporates and individuals on several Red Hat Cloud and DevOps courses.

She holds following Certifications:

  • Red Hat Certified System Admin in RHEL7
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer in RHEL7
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in OpenStack
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer OpenStack and Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in PaaS (OpenShift)
Red Hat Certified Engineer Red Hat Certified System Administrator Red Hat Certificate of Expertise

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