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DevOps: Building CI/CD Pipeline with Ansible, GIT, Jenkins and Docker on AWS


Duration: 2 Days


This is an advanced course which will help you gain expertise in various DevOps tools like Ansible, GIT and Jenkins. You will learn to set-up AWS infrastructure using automation tool like Ansible. This course also includes complete hands-on in implementing Continuous Integration and automated builds using GIT and Jenkins. You will also learn automated deployment of code on AWS EC2 instances and Docker container. Why hands-on experience of building end-to-end Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI /CD) with DevOps tools is beneficial?
  • To get real time exposure to production level scenarios
  • To gain knowledge in spinning up complete infrastructure in minutes with the help of Ansible playbook
  • To get real time work experience in designing the complete end-to-end work flow of Continuous Integration (CI) with Git and Jenkins and Continuous Deployment (CD) with Jenkins and Docker
This course is a hands-on program on DevOps CI/CD pipeline which will help you learn the...Read more


  • To build core knowledge and skills in using several DevOps tools
  • To get hands-on experience with tools like Jenkins, Ansible and GIT for building complete end-to-end CI/CD pipeline

Who Should Attend

  • Developers who wish to containerize software applications
  • Administrators who plan to do infrastructure provisioning using Ansible
  • Administrators and developers who want to build end-to-end CI/CD pipeline


Should have basic knowledge or equivalent working experience with the following:

  • Linux commands
  • Containers
  • Ansible and AWS

Course Outline

    1. Introduction to GIT
      • Installing and Configuring GIT
      • GIT Repository
      • GIT Workflow
      • GitHub and Remotes
      • Branching Merging and Rebasing in GIT

      Hands-on: Lab for Git

    2. What is Jenkins?
      • Jenkins Features
      • Jenkins Use Cases
      • Jenkins Architecture

      Hands-on: Lab for Jenkins

    3. GIT Plugin Features
    4. Jenkins Plugin Features
    5. Advantage of Running Application in Containers
    6. Hands-on: Install Ansible on EC2 and Configure to Launch EC2 Resources from Ansible Playbook
    7. Hands-on: Creation and Configuring of Resources (GIT, Jenkins and Docker Host) with Ansible
    8. Hands-on: Configuring Tomcat for Deploying Application on AWS EC2
    9. Hands-on: Implementing GIT WebHook to Build Code Automatically after GIT Code Commit
    10. Hands-on: Build and Automate Deployment of Code in Docker Container

About The Trainer

A Trainer will be DevOps Professional.

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