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Building IoT Solutions Using Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Duration: 3 Days


With revolution in the world of IoT and increase in number of systems connected to internet it is important for IoT Solution Developers and Architects to understand the end to end implementation of systems. IoT empowers increase of automation in cities, homes, stores and in many industries such as Aviation, Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing and more. Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a larger part of IoT which enables corporate to easily acquire, ingest and process large amounts of data at greater speeds efficiently. Development of IIoT and Smart Factories enable industries to easily manage and secure their platforms and data with high efficiency and scalability providing energy conservation, predictive maintenance and other operational efficiencies. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is among one of the leading providers offering tools and services on AWS Cloud for creating IoT Solutions. Building IoT Solutions Using AWS is an advanced 3 days course to enrich your skills and provide hands-on...Read more


  • Learn the fundamentals of AWS IoT
  • Understand the workflow of Cloud and IoT
  • Learn to design, develop and implement IoT solutions using AWS
  • Learn about data ingestion, processing and visualization in Cloud
  • Build and implement a live IoT solution using AWS
  • Learn to implement cognitive services in IoT solutions

Who Should Attend

  • Developers who want to develop IoT solutions on AWS Cloud platform
  • Professionals looking for hands-on training on AWS Data Analytics and IoT
  • Startup companies who wish to build their IoT solutions over Cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
  • Software Professionals who want to gain experience on AWS cognitive services
  • Architects who want to understand end to end implementation of IoT solutions


Course Outline

Day 1

  1. Fundamentals of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Introduction
    • AWS Region and Availability Zones
    • Authorisation and Access Control Model
    • Understanding AWS Console
    • AWS Security Credentials
    • AWS Services
  2. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
    • Introduction
    • Amazon S3 Basics
    • Amazon S3 Availability and Durability
    • Bucket, Keys and Objects
    • Authorization and Access Control Model
    • Amazon S3 Pricing

    Hands-on: Creating an S3 Bucket, Uploading an Object and Accessing it

  3. AWS IoT Core
    • What is AWS IoT?
    • Components in AWS IoT
    • Creating, Registering and Activating Devices
    • AWS IoT Policies
    • Monitoring Devices using AWS IoT MQTT Client
    • Managing Devices
    • Authentication
    • Managing Jobs
    • Device Provisioning

    Hands-on: Creating AWS IoT Hub
    Hands-on: Creating MQTT Client
    Hands-on: Connecting Devices to AWS IoT Hub

  4. AWS Lambda
    • Introduction
    • Lambda Functions
    • Event Sources
    • Push / Pull Event Models
    • Security and Access Management
    • Resource Model
    • Context Object
    • Integrations with AWS Services
    • Integration with S3
    • Integration with SNS
    • Integration with Kinesis
    • Best Practices

    Hands-on: Creating Lambda Function to Compress Image

Day 2

  1. Data Ingestion with Amazon Kinesis
    • Kinesis Data Streams
    • Kinesis Data Firehose

    Hands-on: Creating a Data Delivery Stream
    Hands-on: Sending Data Through the Delivery Stream

  2. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
    • What is Kinesis Data Analytics
    • Features
    • Input Sources
    • Lambda for Data Pre-processing
    • Parallel Processing for High Throughput
    • Output Delivery Model
    • Streaming SQL
    • Windowed Queries
    • Monitoring
    • Limitations
    • Best Practices
    • API References

    Hands-on: Building an Analytics Solution Using Amazon Kinesis

  3. AWS IoT Analytics
    • Architecture of IoT Analytics
    • Features
    • Channels
    • Pipelines
    • Data Stores
    • Data Sets
    • Notebooks
    • IoT Analytics v/s Kinesis Analytics

    Hands-on: Setting up and Configuring AWS IoT Analytics for Live IoT Devices
    Hands-on: Performing Historical Data Processing of IoT Data using AWS IoT Analytics

  4. SQS
    • What is SQS
    • SQS Features
    • SQS Components
    • Queues
    • Messages

Day 3

  1. AWS Greengrass
    • Introduction
    • Greengrass Groups
    • Greengrass OTA Updates
    • Lambda Functions on Greengrass
    • Interaction with Devices
    • Greengrass ML Inference
    • Greengrass Security
    • Monitoring

    Hands-on: Deploy a Lambda Function on AWS Greengrass Core

  2. Artificial Intelligence with AWS
    • Amazon Comprehend
    • Amazon Polly
    • Amazon Rekognition
    • Amazon Transcribe
    • Amazon Translate

    Hands-on: Text to Speech Conversion Using Amazon Polly
    Hands-on: OCR Analysis with Amazon Rekognition
    Hands-on: Retrieving Speech Files from S3 Buckets and Converting Them to Text

  3. Amazon FreeRTOS
    • Concept of RTOS
    • Features
    • Design of FreeRTOS
    • Supported Hardware Platforms

    Hands-on: Setting up IAM Permissions for Access
    Hands-on: Working with Amazon FreeRTOS

  4. AWS IoT Device Management
    • Onboard Devices
    • Manage Devices
    • Securing Devices
    • Act
    • Test
    • Software Tasks

    Hands-on: Onboarding Live IoT Devices and Manage Them Using AWS IoT Device Management

  5. Amazon QuickSight
    • Data Sources
    • Data Preparation
    • Dashboards
    • Workflow
    • Administration
    • Authentication and Access Control

    Hands-on: Creating a Dashboard for Visualizing Real-Time Sensor Data

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About The Trainer


Arzan Amaria
Sr. Solutions Architect – Cloud and IoT

Arzan has more than 9 years of experience in Microsoft infrastructure technology stack, Data Science, Cloud and IoT. He has great amount of experience in deploying Cloud based solutions. He is a multi-cloud professional with exposure to Azure, AWS and other IIoT Cloud platforms like GE Predix and IBM Watson.

As a Cloud Solution Architect at CloudThat, he is an expert at deploying, supporting and managing client infrastructures on Azure. Having core training and consulting experience, he specializes in delivering individual training and corporate training on Azure. He is also engaged in extensive research and development in the field of IoT and Data Science and leads a team for the same. He has delivered trainings on IoT and is currently designing Cloud integrated solutions.

He has been training professionals for various Microsoft partners such as Wipro, HPE, HCL, Infosys, Accenture, TCS and many more in the recent past.

He holds following Certifications:

  • GE Predix Certified Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer)
  • MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect
  • MCSE (Server Track)
  • MCTS in Machine Learning
  • VCA-DCV (Data Center Virtualization – Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Specialist with Hyper – V Virtualization
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level
  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker, EC Council University US)
MCT CompTIA Cloud Essentials Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
MCSE Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist MCTS vmware certified professional data center virtualization
Microsoft Specialist Server Virtualization with Windows Server AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certified Ethical Hacker

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