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Ansible Essentials – Level 2


Duration: 2 Days


With the advent of Cloud Computing, Resource Provisioning (Launching servers etc.) has become fast. However, Configuration Management of Cloud Servers still remains a bottleneck. Ansible is the tool, which fills the gap and makes resource management very agile.

This 2 days course covers the concepts of Configuration Management Tool, Ansible in specific. As part of this course, you will execute labs with some exercises that will give you a good balance of both theory & labs. You’ll learn about the concepts of Ansible Playbooks, Modules, Roles, Variables, Vault & Tower. You will also learn to use Ansible Master to manage the configuration while working with large fleet of machines.

Why you need to attend this course?

  • To automate provisioning of resources in an efficient way
  • To accelerate Configration Management
  • To make DevOps simple
  • To implement Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • To overcome complexity of manually configuring the machines
  • To increase accountability and
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  • To automate provisioning of resources in an efficient way
  • To accelerate configration management
  • To make DevOps simple
  • To implement Delivery Pipeline
  • To overcome complexity of manually configuring the machines
  • To increase accountability and compliance in Configuration Management

Who Should Attend

  • IT Professionals who want to get started with a DevOps tool
  • System Admins who are managing large scale server fleet & wants to bring in automation to their fleet
  • IT Professionals who are using on-premise or cloud servers for their application & want to reduce the time it takes to configure these servers before they can use it
  • IT Architects who want to learn about configuration automation & want to have hands-on experience on Ansible
  • System Administrators who want to manage cloud servers and networks without doing it manually
  • Decision makers who want to evaluate Ansible for their companies


  • Should have hands-on experience on any Linux distribution
  • Should be familiar with IT environment & server administration for at least 6 months
  • Should have working knowledge of Bash scripting / Python

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to AWS
  2. Introduction to Ansible
  3. Setup and Configuration
    Hands-on: Deploy Ansible
  4. Ansible Playbook
    Hands-on: Deploy Ansible
  5. Ansible Variables
    Hands-on: Managing Variables, Facts and Inclusions
  6. Jinja2 Templates
    Hands-on: Implementing Jinja2 Templates
  7. Ansible Roles
    Hands-on: Implementing Roles
  8. Ansible Vault
    Hands-on: Implementing Ansible Vault
  9. Ansible Tower
    Hands-on: Implementing Ansible Tower
  10. Ansible AWS Module

About the Trainer

Mamta Jha

Mamta Jha
Cloud Solutions Architect

Mamta has more than a decade of experience in Telecom domain and has been working in the Cloud domain for last 4 years. She has worked on first ever Cloud RNC (WCE – Wireless Cloud Element) which used VMware as a Hypervisor and VM Manager provider with their ESXi and vSphere products. She was a part of the pilot project of Alcatel-Lucent in moving the complete wireless domain to the Cloud.

She has around 4 years of experience in deploying and managing OpenStack infrastructure primarily on Red Hat Platform, Centos and Ubuntu. She has worked with organizations on setting up their complete private Cloud on OpenStack using PackStack / TripleO OpenStack deployment methods.

Mamta is currently working on architecting Cloud strategy for enterprises which include latest DevOps technologies like Chef, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. She is tech-savvy and has attained several certifications.

She is a Red Hat Certified Instructor who delivers training to corporates and individuals on several Red Hat Cloud and DevOps courses.

She holds following Certifications:

  • Red Hat Certified System Admin in RHEL7
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer in RHEL7
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in OpenStack
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer OpenStack and Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in PaaS (OpenShift)
Red Hat Certified Engineer Red Hat Certified System Administrator Red Hat Certificate of Expertise

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