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Advanced Hive and PiG Training


Duration: 2 Days


Gartner predicts that 4.4 Million Jobs will be created globally to support BigData. BigData is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth, availability and use of information, both structured and unstructured. It is imperative that organizations and IT leaders focus on the ever-increasing volume, variety and velocity of information that forms BigData. Hadoop is the core platform for structuring BigData, and solves the problem of making it useful for Analytics.This course is recommended as an advancement to Hadoop developers who are familiar with Hive and Pig. The participants will deep dive into high level concepts of Hive and Pig to enhance their applications. Hive and Pig are major key components of Hadoop. Both are focused to mine and analyze huge amounts of data and are helpful for the developers who are not well-versed with the MapReduce framework for writing data queries. Hive is a Data Warehousing package constructed on top of Hadoop for analyzing huge amounts of...Read more


  • This training is directed towards Hadoop developers who are familiar with the notion of Pig and Hive and want to develop advanced skill set on the same.

Who should attend

  • Hadoop developers who wants to advance their skill-set on Hive and Pig


  • Cloudthat Hadoop Developer Course

Course Outline

Apache Hive

Revisiting Hive Concepts

  • HIVE Architecture
  • The Warehouse
  • HQL – Querying Hive
  • Views
  • Indexes
  • Data Types
  • Table Partitioning

Hive – Next Level

  • Bucketing
  • Joins
  • Distributed Cache
  • UDF
  • Streaming and Transformations
  • Analytics Function
  • Ranking Function

Additional Hive Topics

  • Hive Thrift Service
  • Unit Testing in Hive
  • HiveStorageHandler
  • Hive Security
  • HCatalog Introduction

Apache Pig

Revisiting Pig Concepts

  • Grunt Shell
  • Pig Data Model
  • Pag Latin Basics

Advanced Pig

  • UDF
  • Streaming
  • Writing Pig Scripts
  • Testing with PigUnit

About The Trainer

Dr. Yash Mody

Hadoop, Big Data Solution Specialist,Adobe AEM Architect

Dr. Yasyash-modyh Mody, PhD, has developed and architected several enterprise applications using platforms like Hadoop, Oracle ADF, SalesForce, IBM Websphere, Quartz, SAP, Adobe AEM, Adobe LiveCycle, Apache Flex, TIBCO etc. At CloudThat, he works with our customers like PwC, Fidelity, Western Union, GE, HP, Oracle, Mahindra Bristlecone, Flipkart, Aditi, Sonata etc. to help them understand various big data technologies and design solutions for modern usecases like social media analytics, web analytics etc.

Over the years, Yash has trained over 1500 developers and architects from over 30 organisations.

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  • Advanced Hive and PiG Training

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