We are excited to present our new offering,
All Access Learning Pass – One pass to attend all our courses.

Benefits of All Access Learning Pass

Allocate annual budget for skill enhancement training

Attend all our courses that are conducted under public batches

Attend any class at any location as per our training calendar

Keep pace with latest in cloud technologies

Freedom to choose from different technologies like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IoT, DevOps, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc

Get access to our eLearning & Test Prep Platform

Valid for new courses that will be launched during the membership period

Valid for 1 year

Easy payment options

Dedicated training coordinator

Register Your Interest

How It Works

Purchase the pass
Select the course
Nominate for a batch
Attend the training

Most commonly conducted Courses under public batches that are Authored by CloudThat

All Access Learning Pass Subscription for 1 year:
Rs. 99,000/- plus taxes ONLY

Terms and Conditions

This pass is valid only for courses that are offered under public batches and are authored by CloudThat

All courses will be conducted as per our training calendar

Each course can be attended only once in a year

The cost of the pass does not include cost of certification vouchers

For some courses purchase of exam voucher and / or curriculum is mandatory for course nomination. For now, the identified courses under this category are ‘All Microsoft Azure Courses’

Some courses are delivered using vendor specific official curriculums and need machines of specific hardware configuration for performing hands-on labs, hence participants must pay for these curriculums or rent for machines or both additionally as applicable. For now, the identified courses under this category are ‘Red Hat Courses’

The cost of the pass does not include any Cloud subscription cost

This pass is valid for 1 year

This pass has no cash redemption value in part or whole and cannot be exchanged for any other denominations

This pass is non-transferrable and non-refundable

Other sales discounts or promotional offers are not valid for this pass unless specified

Our standard terms and conditions of sale will apply

Pre-requisite for every course should be met: It is the responsibility of the company and / or participant to ensure that they meet pre-requisites of the course(s). CloudThat will not be responsible for participant(s) who do not meet pre-requisites and hence face difficulties during course(s).

Execution of a public batch is subject to receiving sufficient nominations, CloudThat reserves the right to reschedule a batch in case of insufficient nominations

Batch Nomination: Advise us 7 working days in advance in case of any batch nomination

Cancellation of Batch Nomination: Advise us 5 working days in advance in case of any batch nomination cancellation. If there are 5 cancellations of batch nomination during the tenure of membership, then the pass will be revoked

Terms & Conditions are subject to periodic reviews

what people say About Us

The experience at CloudThat Technologies was good and the best part was that the trainer is well qualified, holds a good profile from whom you can expect the best knowledge transfer.

Windoor Thomas, Senior Specialist, HCL

It is a good introductory training on Cloud Computing and a nice refresher even for those who are working in this domain. The trainer has good overall knowledge of Cloud industry and evolution of this business. This helps in covering the breadth of topics easily.

Nagarajan Ramachandra, IBM

Though I did not have much of programming / coding concepts or experience, it was easy to grab the concepts described specifically for developers within a short time, because of how it was explained. Explained the concepts easily and to a wider audience with different backgrounds.

Patric Simon, Intuit