Duration: 2 days


Docker is on the verge of becoming one of the popular virtualization approaches that use Linux containers rather than virtual machines as a way to segregate application data and underlying infrastructure on your shared resources. Docker automates the deployment of any application as a portable, self-sufficient container that will run almost anywhere – including Microsoft Azure, AWS and on-premises systems.

The course discusses core concepts about containers, containerization of applications, hands-on knowledge about moving applications to Docker containers, and architecting highly available and scalable applications deployed on Dockers with Azure. We also talk about networking in Docker and finally setting up various user-facing applications hosted within containers.

Why learn about Docker?

  • If you are an IT professional who wants to stay up to date with the current buzzword then Docker is the course that excites you on the latest technology.
  • All the major cloud providers, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Joyent, and Microsoft, use Docker containers to deploy & manage their applications.
  • If you are just a technology enthusiast who wants to know just a little bit more about Docker and its operations then this is the right course for you.
  • Debuting in 2013, Docker has transformed to a serious business decision that many businesses are contemplating to implement docker to manage their applications.
  • If you are a system admin, this course provides a wider knowledge about migrating the current applications to docker containers that is reliable.
  • If you are a startup, this course can help you and your employees to make wise decisions to use docker containers to deploy reliable & scalable applications on the same machine.
  • The course will be handled by experienced professionals who not only have immense knowledge but also an immense amount of practical experience in their field of work.