Duration: 2 days


This course will provide students with a conceptual understanding of CloudFormation that includes multiple short lectures each followed by guided labs. During the lab students will develop practical understanding of syntax and properties that will provide them the knowledge to manage large CloudFormation templates, launch production stacks in CloudFormation and performs updates. The class concludes with each student creating a nested stack producing a VPC with aboot strapped AutoScaling Group behind an ElasticLoad Balancer.

Why you need to attend this course?

CloudFormation gives developers an easy way of creating and managing AWS resources. It also supports creating interconnections between the services.

  • If you are a AWS professional and want to automate provisioning AWS resources in an efficient way
  • If you are already using CloudFormation but want to understand the best practices to be followed
  • If you want to build multiple templates and make them re-usable
  • This course will be handled by experienced trainers who not only have immense knowledge but also a lot of practical exposure to the subject being taught