BigData Analytics on Hadoop _ Level 2
Duration: 2 Days


This course is recommended as an advancement to Processing BigData on Hadoop. While Processing BigData was geared more towards devlopers who wanted to understand how to use Hadoop to handle and arrange BigData, this course will go on to teach how to perform analytical operations to gain insights from data processed through Hadoop. BigData Analytics on Hadoop will teach you all you need to learn about BigData Analytics on Hadoop.
Big Data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth, availability and use of information, both structured and unstructured. It is imperative that organizations and IT leaders focus on the ever-increasing volume, variety and velocity of information that forms BigData. Hadoop is the core platform for structuring BigData, and solves the problem of making it useful for Analytics.

Why is BigData Analytics on Hadoop important?

  • Businesses are now aware of the large volumes of data that they generate in their day to day transactions. They have also realized that this BigData can provide very valuable insights once analyzed
  • The massive volume of BigData and its unstructured format make it difficult to analyze BigData. Hadoop brings the ability to cheaply process large amounts of data, regardless of structure.
  • Knowledge about BigData Analytics on Hadoop will also prove to be a huge Resume builder for Students who are aiming to work in the IT Industry
  • If you are a developer who is uncertain about how BigData Analytics can be performed on Hadoop, this course will clear things up and save you a lot of time and effort
  • If you are a business that is planning to shift to Hadoop, then this is the right course to train your employees.
  • BigData Analytics on Hadoop will prove to be an answer to many questions at once.
  • The session will be handled by very experienced trainers who not only have immense knowledge but are also loaded with valuable experience